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About Telonics: 

Telonics Inc. is a technology research and development facility based in Mesa, Arizona. Telonics Pro Audio (TPA) is a division of the company set up to develop high quality products for guitarists and steel guitarists. From the pickup to the speaker TPA has developed a range of products that process audio with the minimum possible degrading of the natural instrument tone. Many top class musicians and engineers have combined their knowledge and years of experience to produce these products. Sound quality and reliability define the end product.


 TCA-500 Mini 12 Combo



                   FP-100 Multi-Taper Volume Pedal


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US Ordering & Sales Contact: Sophie Russo

Email: sophie@telonics.com           Tel: 480 892 4444


Technical Contact: Dave Beaty

Email: dave@telonics.com


UK & European Ordering, Sales and Technical Contact: Mark Dunn

Email: mark@tpa-az.com